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Bible Camps

Staffed entirely by volunteers, Bible Camps have been a key activity of the Churches of God since the early 1900s and continue in different locations around the world, catering for children, teens and families. Although our camps have varying types of accommodation, facilities and recreational activities, what’s common and central to all of them is the Bible and a desire for all who attend to go away with a better understanding of its message and a deeper relationship with the God of whom it speaks.

If you are interested in attending one of our camps, please take a look at the list below for a camp near you!

North American Camps | United Kingdom Camps | Europe Camps | Far East Camps

North American Camps

Mount Forest Camp | Canada

For: Mixed Teen Week (14+), Mixed Kids’ Weeks (8-13), Non-Residential Day Camp (5-10) Teen Spring & Winter Camps (14+)

Location: Mount Forest, Ontario, Canada
Contact: Geoff Hydon

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Camp Baldy | USA

For: Mixed Teen Week (14+), Mixed Kids Week (8-13)

Location: Colorado, USA
Contact: Don Williamson

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Gospel Defenders Youth Camp | Jamaica

For: Boys, Girls & Teens (12-18)

Location: New Generation Campground, Happy Hills, St Ann Parish, Jamaica
Contact: Angela Atkinstall-Daley and Ian Daley

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United Kingdom Camps

Auchenfoyle Camp | Scotland

For: Boys, Girls and Teens

Location: Kilmacolm, Scotland
Contact: Alec Osborne

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North West Summer Camp | England

For: All Ages, Male & Female

Location: Barnstondale Centre, The Wirral, England
Contact: Hayley Woods

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North West Teen Camp | England

For: 13+/Male & Female

Location: Quinta Christian Centre, Weston Rhyn, Shropshire, England
Contact: Nathan Udoh

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Midlands Youth Camp | England

For: Boys, Girls (10+) and Teens

Location: Ullesthorpe Scout Campsite, Leicestershire, England
Contact: Simon Robertson

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South East Youth Camp | England

For: Boys and Girls (10+)

Location: Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex
Contact: Jon Stanley

South East Teen Camp | England

For: Teens (17+)

Location: Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex
Contact: Kevin Hickling

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South Wales Summer Camp | Wales

For: Boys, Girls and Teens (8-17)

Location: The St Madoc Centre, Llanmadoc, Swansea
Contact: Craig Tidmas

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Causeway Youth Camp | Northern Ireland

For: Boys, Girls and Teens (9-16)

Location: Ballycastle, Moyle, Northern Ireland
Contact: Gareth Andrews / Heather Andrews

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Europe Camps

De Hoge Rielen Camp | Belgium

For: All Ages (Children must be accompanied by an adult, and adults need to be able-bodied!)

Location: Vakantiewoning Monnikenhoeve, Berendrecht, Antwerpen
Contact: Brian Johnston

Far East Camps

Philippines Youth Camp | Philippines

For: Teens (Male & Female, 13+)

Location: Huyong Huyong Nature Park, La Filipina, Tagum City
Contact: David Woods