Esther: A Date With Destiny

The story of Esther is one of the most remarkable in the Bible. It has all the intrigue and as many twists as a modern thriller. Dark forces of evil, in opposition to the good, swirl around the lead character – who’s a girl some Jewish sources have claimed as being one of the four most beautiful women in the Bible. The drama has been styled as a rags-to-riches or even a peasant-to-princess type of adventure. One thing’s for sure: the Jewish girl Hadassah (Esther) has more than a date with the king: it’s a date with destiny – the stakes are high – the future of an entire nation hangs in the balance!

But it gets even more exciting than that. Bible teacher, Brian Johnston, guides you to sense the hand of God in your own life – for Esther inspires us to discover the purpose God is working towards in our own lives – right now!

This ebook also contains a bonus book, Joseph: Overcoming Life’s Hurdles. Joseph, like Esther, is an example of someone who God was working with, even though it was often behind the scenes. If you are struggling with circumstances in life, this will be an encouraging read! (eBook, PDF)