Each year Churches of God around the world identify a specific week as a special time of focus in united prayer, involving individual and collective prayer times. This year, the designated week is Sunday April 7th to Saturday April 13th, God willing.

The overall theme for the 2019 Fellowship Week of Prayer is “Daniel was a Man of Prayer” – you might be familiar with the popular Sunday School song from which the title was drawn:

“Daniel was a man of prayer
Daily he prayed three times
Even when they had him cast
In the den of lions.”

The lessons that can be learned from the life of Daniel are not just for children!

There are three prayer-related points to consider from chapter 9 of the book of Daniel, that are valuable for each of us as we get ready for this Week of Prayer, and we encourage assemblies to study the chapter beforehand in order to focus on those things that the Lord teaches us from it:

As you will see, key questions have been posed for each of us as individuals to consider how we can be more proactive and more powerful in our prayer life. Assemblies are encouraged to discuss these questions together so that we can all learn from each other.

Another feature this year is what we are calling “Daniel’s Daily Prayer Challenge” in which you are invited to accept the challenge to pray 3 times a day for 3 specific items or issues across each of the 7 days of the Week of Prayer. You might want to consider asking a ‘prayer partner’ to join you in the challenge and help keep each other accountable so that you can complete all 21 sessions!

Some suggestions for the 3 things that you pray about are provided below, but of course everybody will have specific people or issues that will also need praying about this week:

May the Lord bless us as individuals and the Churches of God as a whole as we undertake this important prayer exercise.

Download the full Week of Prayer Guide in PDF format.