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Search For Truth is the radio programme of the Churches of God. Each series of talks is accompanied by a book in eBook format. Free digital copies are available for download under our Radio Broadcasts.

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The Deity of Christ

Who is Jesus? That is definitely one of the most important questions that could ever be asked, as the salvation of every human being that has ever lived depends on the answer! Almost every world faith has an opinion on the question, but the focus of this booklet is on what the Bible has to say about him. It gives abundant Bible references that have a clear implication in reaching confident conclusions about the deity of Christ; and additionally includes some that are capable of varying explanation. In such instances the writer’s views are briefly stated taking the approach generally that the less clear Bible statements are best understood by fitting them within the most clear statements. This booklet is therefore commended to readers in the confident hope that the Holy Spirit will use the information it contains to their blessing. (eBook, PDF) 


The Church, Which Is The Body of Christ

The purpose of this short booklet is to provide an outline of Bible teaching on the glorious subject of the Church, which is the Body of Christ for the benefit of a wide range of Christian readers. The first section entitled “I Will Build My Church” deals with what this Church is; then we explore in “The Mystery of the Christ” the special revelation of it in the writings of the apostle Paul. There follows in “The Church the Body and Churches of God” an explanation of how it relates to what are called Churches of God in the New Testament. In “The Practical Implications of the Church the Body Truth” there is an account of lessons to be learned and applied, and finally in “A Glorious Vision” there is an attempt to pass on a more pictorial warmth and understanding. The “Doxology” is to lift us out of ourselves and into the sunlit uplands of God’s wonderful and glorious purposes in Christ. (eBook, PDF)


Short Guides to…

Bible Reading, Bible Study, Public Preaching, Public Prayer, The Lord’s Remembrance

This handy omnibus edition contains all five helpful and concise guides by Martin Archibald for a number of vitally important activities associated with individual and collective discipleship: Bible Study, Daily Bible Reading, Public Preaching, Public Prayer, and the Remembrance. Individual Guides also available below.  (PDF Only) 

God’s Way Of Unity

Can it be God’s will that there are hundreds of different Christian denominations, each teaching and practising different things?  In this short booklet, Guy Jarvie explores the operation of churches of God in the New Testament as a model of unity for collective Christian service today. (eBook, PDF)


A Bible Study of

God’s Names for
His People

This book explores the significance of 10 different, but connected, names that God has given to His people in the New Testament, each of which helps us to understand a different facet of who God’s people is, the associated blessings, and their roles and responsibilities in serving Him. (eBook, PDF) 


The Bible:

Its Inspiration and Authority

The Bible is more than a collection of ancient books; it is the Word of God. This short book seeks to encourage confidence in the Scriptures by reviewing their divine inspiration and authority as attested by their internal consistency, the evidences of fulfilled prophecy, and the testimony of God’s Son, Jesus Christ. (eBook, PDF)


Uncovering The Pattern

God’s Way of Unity for Disciples Today

There are hundreds of Christian denominations today, all teaching and practicing different things – is this really God’s plan? This book explains how God reveals to us in the Bible how He wants all Christians to serve Him.

Part 1 explores how God’s purposes are ultimately collective and not just with individuals.
Part 2 reviews how God works through covenants – firstly the Old and then the New.
Part 3 looks at the important differences between the Church the Body and the Churches of God in scripture.
Part 4 brings it back to the personal level and our personal accountability to act on what God has shown us from His Word. (eBook, PDF) 


Churches of God:

Their Biblical Constitution and Functions

This book explores what the Bible carefully and deliberately describes as “Churches of God” – both what they should be and what they should do. It explores the scriptural use of the term church, the significance of the designation “of God”, the holy priesthood and the role of the elderhood. (eBook, PDF) 


Builders For God

This short book takes a look at various Bible characters who were instrumental in building for God, including Moses, Bezalel and Oholiab, David, Solomon, Nehemiah, and Paul. In the Old Testament, the focus was God’s physical house. In the New Testament, this switched to His spiritual house, a house which still exists and is being built up today! (eBook, PDF) 



Its Meaning and Teaching

The closing words of the Lord Jesus to the eleven disciples are all-important for all time: ‘And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit …”’ (Matt.28:18-19).  This is the Lord’s mandate to his apostles to teach and carry out the practice of baptism. This booklet endeavours to explore its relevance, taking a broadly chronological approach to the subject. (eBook, PDF) 


The Holy Spirit

and the Believer

This book is designed to provide a brief outline of Bible truth regarding the Person and work of the Holy Spirit, especially His activity in the life of the believer.  It covers such key topics as speaking in tongues and interpretation, the gift of healing, the second blessing, and living by the Spirit. (eBook, PDF) 


Churches of God:

The New Testament Pattern

What were the key features of the early Churches of God in the New Testament and are they simply a description or a prescription for today? This short book explores their authority, pattern, unity, character and conflict. (eBook, PDF) 


The Kingdom of God

and the Holy Nation

God is holy and therefore His kingdom would also need to be a holy nation. This book explores the principles and characteristics of nationality in general and their particular application first to God’s Old Testament kingdom of Israel, and then to its New Testament counterpart, that was established by Jesus Christ. The constitution, government, service, and destiny of God’s kingdom are traced from earliest times to the ultimate realisation of the purposes of God in a new heaven and a new earth. (eBook, PDF) 


The Search For

The Truth Of God

This historical review traces the stages of a return journey which began with the reformation and led, we believe, to an important recovery of New Testament church truth at the end of the 19th century. (eBook, PDF) 


New Testament Greek

Study Course

Those looking to learn New Testament Greek will benefit from this introductory 40-week course, to be used in conjunction with “The Elements of New Testament Greek” by Jeremy Duff, which is available in paperback, eBook and audiobook formats from online bookstores, including Amazon. (PDF)

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Walking With God

Principles of Separation
in Christian Life and Service

It’s never been easy to a disciple of Jesus; it often involves forsaking people, ambitions or associations as we answer the call of “Follow Me”. This book traces the principles of separation for service, from the time of Abraham to the present. It examines the practical issues of discipleship and stresses the strongly positive intent of God’s purpose in separation. (eBook, PDF) 


Key Doctrines

of the Christian Gospel

What do intimidating Bible words like justification, atonement, sanctification, redemption and election mean? This overview of the main features of the Christian good news of salvation is designed to give Christians a better understanding from the Bible of all that God did the moment they became a Christian, what he is doing and will do in the future! (eBook, PDF) 


The Faith

Outlines of Scripture Doctrine

This booklet provides a concise outline on what the Bible has to say about 15 key doctrines or teachings of the Christian faith: the Holy Scriptures, the Godhead, the incarnation, the atonement, the resurrection, eternal salvation, the Holy Spirit, ‘my church’ – his body, discipleship, the Churches of God, baptism and adding, the breaking of the bread, the kingdom of God, the house of God, the coming again of the Lord Jesus Christ. (Hardcopy/PDF/eBook)


Elders and the Elderhood

In Principle, In Practice

This booklet deals with a number of aspects of this important subject, including the need for Biblical rule and authority, the example of elders in Israel, the roles of apostles, prophets and elders in the New Testament church, the scriptural process for making decisions, accountability, and overseeing the work and care of the church. (Hardcopy/PDF/eBook)


The Breaking of the Bread

Its History, Its Observance, Its Meaning

The Breaking of the Bread is fundamental to the life of a disciple of the Lord Jesus. It has seen many changes over the centuries and has resulted in something today which is unrecognisably far away from the simplicity of the Lord’s words the night before He went to Calvary: “Do this in remembrance of me.” The aim of this booklet is to challenge a generation of new believers to carefully examine this precious command of their Lord and to keep it, proclaiming His death until he comes. (Hardcopy/PDF/eBook)


Ye That Are Christ’s

Guy Jarvie explores what the Bible has to say on a number of key Christian doctrines: The Word of God, The New Birth, Our Three-Fold Salvation, Baptism, The Church Which Is the Body of Christ, The Church and Churches of God, The House of God, The Kingdom of God, The Breaking of the Bread, The Comforter – The Holy Spirit, The Christian’s Life, The Christian’s Warfare, The Lord’s Coming, The Judgement Seat of Christ. (eBook/PDF)


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