Great Truths of the Gospel

…and the Errors People Often Make

In this important two-part book, Brian Johnston first explores 7 core elements of the Christian Gospel – Its Need, Its Source, Its Ground, Its Means, Its Centre, Its Goal, and Its Evidence. In the second half of the book, he goes on to use the Bible to correct 7 major errors that people believe about God and His gospel:

i) that we can fall away from Christ
ii) that the good we do can outweigh the bad
iii) that God is only one Person
iv) that God’s Spirit is only an impersonal influence
v) that we can lose our salvation
vi) that Christ was no more than a man
vii) that baptism in water is necessary for salvation.

Overall, this book is a helpful apologetics tool for Christians to use for evangelism, as well as for strengthening their own understanding of what they believe. (eBook, PDF)