The Book of James:

Epistle of Straw?

Martin Luther didn’t seem overly impressed with the Bible letter by James, describing it as ‘a right strawy epistle’! It seems he felt disappointed that it didn’t contain any exalted description of Christ, nor make reference to the work of the Spirit, and didn’t work hard to defend the faith.

It’s true that James doesn’t deal with the glories of Christ and his Church or with the great Christian blessings, nor does he transport us to the world to come. James seems to be at home in more mundane matters. He doesn’t write in great soaring passages, nor are there many strongly motivating exhortations. But the value of his contribution, under God, is in forcing us to face up squarely to practical realities and their ethical implications.

Bible teacher Brian Johnston brings us face to face with these realities in a down to earth style that perhaps James himself would have appreciated! (eBook, PDF)