Worldwide Locations of Churches of God

We’d like to invite you to visit any of our locations worldwide. If you are looking for a specific location, please feel free to search our interactive map, or contact us directly by email at  

One of the distinguishing features of the Churches of God is a unity of practice worldwide; that doesn’t mean that the churches are simply identical clones of each other, but it does mean you would notice important similarities in every local church of God you visited, whether it was in Melbourne or Malawi! These similarities haven’t been developed over time to suit ourselves, rather they are rooted in the New Testament example of the early churches of God. Read our Seven Actions For Every Church for more information.

No church of God near you? We’ve planted a number of churches around the world in recent years and, God willing, we’d love to plant more!  Please contact us to let us know of your interest.

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Church of God in Malitinyu Village (Masenjere) Malitinyu Village, Nsanje, Malawi Services, Directions & Contact Information For details of services, directions and contact information, please contact the local assembly for Malitinyu Village. Geo Coordinates: -16.3604758, 35.1151428 Read more about What You Can Expect at our Worship Service.…