Radio Broadcasts

Search For Truth is the radio programme of the Churches of God, featuring messages from Bible teacher Brian Johnston. You can listen to the most recent podcasts on this page or via iTunes, or access the entire downloadable archive at

Each series of talks is accompanied by a book, in eBook or paperback format, and over 60 titles are available from Hayes Press or on Amazon and Amazon UK.

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Radio Frequencies

UK: SKY Digital Channel 0138 (11.390 GHz, ID 53555) and Freesat channel 790 and Freeview HD 733 – Saturday at 07.30 and Sunday at 06.45
Malawi: Sunday on TWR Malawi FM Network at 06.45 UTC+2 (89.1-106.5 FM)
South Asia: On Reach Beyond – Australia on Mondays 13.15 UTC, 25m band SW (15540 kHz.)
Thailand: Wednesday on TWR Guam at 11.20, 19m band SW (11965 kHz.)
Swaziland: Friday on TWR Swaziland at 08.30, 19m band SW (6120/49 kHz.)

Video Teaching

Teaching from the Word of God has been central to our churches from our inception. Enjoy fresh and insightful Bible talks from various events around the Churches of God and use our contact form if you’d like to discuss anything you hear with us!

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Audio Teaching

Browse over 2,000 Bible talks of the last 40 years from around the Churches of God on Soundcloud – new talks are added weekly. You can also download our index to find topics such as discipleship, apologetics, prophecy, character studies, word studies and much more!


Whitburn Conference 2018

Liverpool Conference 2017

Cookstown 2016


Needed Truth

Launched in 1888, editors’ aims for NT are to present the truth of God’s Word in as helpful a way as possible.


Bible Studies

Bible Studies magazine is a rich resource for a clear understanding of the Bible through in-depth study and discussion.



Intelligence magazine has been the news & information publication of the Churches of God since the early 1900’s.


Free Books

Want some free books? Download and enjoy reading these free books in eBook or PDF format, or request a hardcopy (where available).


Hayes Press Christian Resources

The churches of God in conjunction with Hayes Press produce many book titles, on a wide range of subjects, along with eBooks, evangelism booklets, tracts and posters.

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