Needed Truth

Four issues per annum, 16 pages full colour discipleship magazine.

Launched in 1888, features include:

  • In-depth teaching on a wide range of key Bible topics
  • Bible-based comment on contemporary culture and current affairs
  • Interviews with, and updates from, Christians involved in the Lord’s work
  • Personal testimonies of salvation and spiritual growth
  • Reflections on the person and the work of Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit
  • Practical advice on Christian living

Something for everyone!


NT Archive issues between 1888-2018

Bible Studies

Twelve issues a year, 16 pages A5 size magazine.

Launched in 1921, Bible Studies magazine is a rich resource for a clear understanding of the Bible through the in-depth study of a subject chosen for each particular year. As well as facilitating monthly discussion between churches of God on questions set by the editors, and providing a forum in which relevant questions can be resolved, each magazine also contains a concise introductory article on a relevant topic to stimulate further study. 

Looking Ahead

We invite fellow students to complete our study of ‘The Gospel of Luke’, in Chapters 13-24.

Here are some themes we look forward to exploring:

• The Lord’s counsel on facing disaster, before His last journey to Jerusalem;
• Hospitality and the invitation to the banquet of the King of kings;
• A glimpse of existence after death for the faithful and the unrighteous;
• More guidance on prayer, and on providing for parents and children;
• How the poor in this world’s goods can be rich towards God;
• Luke’s distinctive account of the upper room ministry, the Lord’s arrest, trial, death and resurrection.

Study Archive

Download the Bible Studies Syllabus from the archive

Intelligence Magazine

Eleven issues a year!  8 pages A4.

Intelligence magazine has been the news & information publication of the Churches of God since the early 1900’s.

Features include:

  • News of upcoming events and reports of past events across the churches of God
  • Updates on global evangelism and relief work
  • Information regarding newly-published books, tracts and other literature
  • Reports of births, deaths, marriages and baptisms

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