Needed Truth

Four issues per annum, 16 pages full colour discipleship magazine.

Launched in 1888, features include:

  • In-depth teaching on a wide range of key Bible topics
  • Bible-based comment on contemporary culture and current affairs
  • Interviews with, and updates from, Christians involved in the Lord’s work
  • Personal testimonies of salvation and spiritual growth
  • Reflections on the person and the work of Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit
  • Practical advice on Christian living

Something for everyone!


NT Archive issues between 1888-2018

Bible Studies

Eleven issues a year, 16 pages A5 size magazine.

Launched in 1923, Bible Studies magazine is a rich resource for a clear understanding of the Bible through the in-depth study of a subject chosen for each particular year. As well as facilitating monthly discussion between churches of God on questions set by the editors, and providing a forum in which relevant questions can be resolved, each magazine also contains a concise introductory article on a relevant topic to stimulate further study. 

Looking Ahead

Following on our 2017 study, we now endeavour to put time and effort into looking at the second part of Jeremiah’s book, and learning valuable spiritual lessons therefrom, by the gracious help of the Divine Teacher, the Spirit of God.

Study Archive

Download the Bible Studies Syllabus from the archive

Intelligence Magazine

Eleven issues a year!  8 pages A4.

Intelligence magazine has been the news & information publication of the Churches of God since the early 1900’s.

Features include:

  • News of upcoming events and reports of past events across the churches of God
  • Updates on global evangelism and relief work
  • Information regarding newly-published books, tracts and other literature
  • Reports of births, deaths, marriages and baptisms

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