Minor Prophets: Major Issues!

The so-called “Minor Prophets” of the Old Testament of our Bibles, such as Nahum, Micah and Malachi, are often overlooked because of their brevity and also because they might seem irrelevant to Christians of today.

Brian Johnston shows how inaccurate this perception is by pointing out in this Old Testament commentary that, although these books do not perhaps provide much in the way of a biography of each prophet – the content of what they spoke was not only vitally important to the peoples of that era, but they also raise very major issues that are absolutely relevant to believers today.

Such issues identified in this Bible survey are: injustice, suffering, unfaithfulness, abandonment, corruption, compassion, arrogance and wrong priorities.

This concise Bible overview and study guide to the Minor Prophets is designed to unlock this important part of the Bible and challenge your own experience as a disciple of Jesus Christ. (eBook, PDF)