Project 242

Following the excitement and enthusiasm generated among young people by the international Youth Fellowship Rally (YFR) of 1992, ‘Project 242’ was formed to organise more localised events in the UK to provide Bible based teaching and encouragement for those seeking to follow the Lord in accordance with His will in Churches of God. “242” refers to Acts 2:42: “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer”.

Residential Bible teaching, praise, and fellowship events commenced in 1994, and have been held every 4 years since, attended by over 200 people each time. ‘Eklektos’ youth-orientated weekend events were also organised in North America in 1998, 1999 and 2002. In addition, ‘Project 242’ realised the benefit of an all-age one-day convention, ‘Convention 242’, held every 2 years since 1995. In the last decade ‘Project 242’ has worked to include all ages in residential events, opening and extending the programmes to incorporate activities for young children. This has enabled families to attend and benefit from the teaching and fellowship too.

Project 242 remains committed to organising one-day and multi-day events that many consider to be milestones in their discipleship journeys.

Previous Events

2018 – 242 Weekend | The Contemporary Christ

We praise God for the ‘The Contemporary Christ’ event at Whitemoor Lakes, Easter 2018.

Designed to be a relevant, life-altering, Christ-focused study, we focused on these key questions:
How real is our relationship with the eternal living God?
Are we convinced of our calling and role in today’s society?
What should our lives as contemporary Christians look like?
How do we respond when asked what we believes on modern matters?
What should we expect to see in a contemporary Church of God?

It was a real encouragement to welcome 275 people to share in fellowship, Bible teaching & discussion, praise, and prayer.

2017 Convention | Powered Up

Sometimes we all need a little recharge, don’t we? Or at least a top-up. Convention 242 is POWERED UP: a full day of study, sharing, listening and learning, as we remind ourselves of the pure source of unbelievable power that is ours to personally – and freely – tap into.

God’s holy and heavenly power, delivered through the Holy Spirit, is all the fuel we need to shine brightly as effective, productive and impactful disciples. And as happy, free, and noticeably joyful Christians in our churches and in our communities and families.

Our main hall was buzzing with ministry from Jon Stanley and Andy Seddon, and a praise band in full flow.

The keynote text for the event was Colossians 1:11. There were keynote talks covering:

Powered up … to share. Sharing God’s Word as gospel and for teaching. Let’s learn together about being more effective in the different ways we can share what God has revealed to us.

Powered up … to care. Starting with the great caring example we have in the character of our Lord Jesus, we’ll look at the personal and practical work that is essential in helping a Church of God to function and grow as a loving church.

Powered up … to lead. Both in our church lives and at home – from Overseers and Deacons, to Youth Leaders and Praise Leaders, to parents and role models – we need to discover His will, reflect on His example, and rely on His power.

Powered up … to worship. Making the most of this natural response to God’s grace and mercy, the importance of preparing for the collective worship of the Remembrance, and what’s involved in “a full life of worship”.

2015 Convention | Choosing Joy

Choosing Joy

The keynote text for the event was John 15:11:
“… that My joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete.”

There were three keynote talks:

• Choosing Joy Forever – Andy Tugwell
• Choosing Joy as God’s People – David Woods
• Choosing Personal Joy – Karl Smith

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2014 – 242 Weekend | For You, With Love

For You, With Love

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We focused on the amazing, relentless grace of our God under four main themes:

1. God’s gift of life to the full – Jon Stanley
2. God’s gift of His Word – Brian Johnston
3. God’s gift of His Son – Leonard Ross
4. God’s gift of His Spirit – Andy Seddon

The closing challenge by Phil Brennan considered how our lives can demonstrate genuine thankfulness in return.

2013 Convention | Reach Out

Reach Out

‘God our Saviour…desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.’ (1 Tim.2:3-4). We all share that desire with our God. We want to see the power of the Gospel changing lives and bringing hope into our communities. We want to see Churches of God
growing numerically and being living, vibrant, Spirit-led testimonies to the grace of God. ‘REACH OUT’ was designed to:

• help local churches form outreach plans
• encourage each other with examples of fruit-bearing work being done already
• share experiences of what we might be finding difficult in outreach and how to overcome these difficulties
• exchange ideas and to challenge one another to go and to be effective for Christ in our communities.

Three ‘conversational’ videos were produced ahead of the event to whet the appetite.

On the day, Karl Smith gave challenging opening and closing talks, firstly using the example of the Lord reaching out to the man with leprosy – ‘moved with pity he stretched out his hand and touched him’ (Mark 1:41); and then to Peter …. believing, but struggling, ‘Jesus immediately reached out his hand and took hold of him’ (Matt.14:31) – before giving us warnings based on lessons of fishermen who may stop fishing. When we stop fishing. Churches die, People live, and then die without God.

The day was divided into two sessions of exhibition-style displays demonstrating the many examples of how our Churches are currently engaged in different outreach activities, and two sessions of seminars that covered the main stages of outreach as we see them … Connect, Relate, Challenge, Teach and Serve. The exhibition sessions really emphasised to us how active Churches of God are in so many different areas of work.

There were over 40 stalls covering a wide range of activities: from one-man pottery outreach to helping those in debt get back on their feet through ‘Christians against Poverty’, and from ladies’ nights, mums’ and toddlers’ groups and coffee mornings to Festival outreach stalls and live music-based outreach. The seminars were a further opportunity to discuss and learn together, incorporating personal testimonies and examples that tied into the identified stages of outreach.

Each seminar session included a focused time of prayer to plead before the Lord for help in making us more effective in reaching the lost. The positive challenge was left with us to launch ‘out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch’ (Luke 5:4).

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