What an immense privilege for Bob Hawthorne and Kevin Jones to be able to return to Chuzu village in Malawi, which is about 100 kilometres from Lilongwe, and see the new well in full operation. The well will provide beautiful, clean drinking water for 200 families, including those who are in the Church of God in Chuzu; and the well also has washing stations for clothes. As you can see from these pictures, the villagers are so happy and appreciative, and thankful to God for his provision – their lives have been transformed, not least because it saves them from at least a three-mile walk to get water!

This video clip shows the well being very close to completion:

In this video clip, the villagers are acknowledging The Giver by singing in Chechewa, one of the languages of Malawi, “Jesus is the living water”.

Thank you to all who participated in this project in various ways!