Our God Reigns!

Israel’s Chequered History

“We are still masters of our fate. We still are captains of our souls,” said Winston Churchill in World War 2, paraphrasing a fragment of a famous poem also admired by Nelson Mandela. Perhaps it’s become a cultural meme, but is it in step with the Bible’s theme? Can we control our own destiny, or is it all down to chance? Who, or what, is in charge of history? To be credible, any worldview must answer four questions – about our origins, our morality, our (life’s) meaning, and our destiny. When the author’s daily Bible readings took him to Isaiah 37-47, he found the Biblical worldview does just that in an impressive declaration and demonstration of the sovereignty of God. That’s what led to the writing of this book, which along the way seeks to answer some important questions that have puzzled people for centuries:

  • What does the Bible categorically say about human origins?
  • Does God change his mind?
  • Why did God order the killing of peoples in the Old Testament?
  • Has Israel been left out of God’s purposes?
  • Why bother praying?
  • Was Jesus’ crucifixion simply a terrible accident?
  • Does God decide who is saved and who isn’t?
  • What are God’s purposes in the end times?
  • Does man have free will?
  • Do the sign gifts operate today in God’s purposes?

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