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Search For Truth is the radio programme of the Churches of God, featuring messages from Bible teacher Brian Johnston. You can listen to the most recent podcasts on this page or via iTunes, or access the entire downloadable archive at


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A Tale of Two Women

Life Lessons from the Book of Proverbs

In every generation and place, we each must choose between the wisest of things and the most foolish of things. The Bible with its use of literary devices, styles this as the choice between two women, each of whom competes for our affection, indeed, clamours for it. It may seem more than a tad chauvinistic in this day and age, but it’s not really. While there’s gender symmetry in the choice being represented, the Bible personifies wisdom and folly as two women, not least because its message is couched in terms of a father giving his son some basic guidance – a little insight into navigating one’s way in the world. Some commentators have taken this imagery a shade further and named these female characters as Dame Wisdom and Madam Folly. Join Brian as he explores this imagery in 6 helpful life lessons for today. (eBook, PDF)


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Born and educated in Scotland, Brian worked as a government scientist until God called him into full-time Christian ministry on behalf of the Churches of God. His voice has been heard on Search For Truth radio broadcasts for over 30 years during which time he has been an itinerant Bible teacher throughout the UK and Canada. His evangelical and missionary work outside the UK is primarily in Belgium and The Philippines. He is married to Rosemary, with a son and daughter.