Songs of Zion

An Exploration of Biblical Worship

This is a valuable little book for anyone who is interested in the worship of God according to the scriptural pattern. Bible teacher Brian Johnston traces how Old Testament Israel worshipped their God – the God of Zion – including via the ‘songs of Zion’ in drawing near to worship at the house of God, and as pilgrims drew near on their upward journey to Jerusalem (‘earthly Zion’) in the ‘Songs of Ascents.’ Brian explains from John 4, 1 Peter 2, and Hebrews 3, 10 and 12 how this drawing near to God’s physical house has a wonderful counterpart in the New Testament – a spiritual house in which it is possible for obedient believers to draw near in faith to God week by week to worship Him in spirit and in truth in the heavenly Zion. (eBook, PDF)


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