Spiritual Realities

Are We Blind to Them?

Elisha prayed that God would open the eyes of his servant so he could see the reality of God’s army with them. The apostle Paul prayed that the eyes of the hearts of the church in Ephesus might be enlightened and no longer blind to the reality of the spiritual blessings he’d list in his letter. Do our eyes, our hearts, need opening to some spiritual realities, too? In this book, Brian Johnston outlines 8 SPIRITUAL realities that could easily be missed:

1.The Reality of Being Dead in Our Sins
2.The Reality of Being United with Christ
3.The Reality of Being Chosen from Eternity
4.The Reality of Being Members of Christ’s Body
5.The Reality of Being Living Stones in God’s House
6.The Reality of Knowing Christ
7.The Reality of Meeting with God on Earth
8.The Reality of Worshipping in Heaven

(eBook, PDF)