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Teaching from the Word of God has been central to our churches from our inception. Enjoy fresh and insightful Bible talks from various events and initiatives around the Churches of God and use our contact form if you’d like to discuss anything you hear with us.

Eternal Purpose

In this 14-part series of short talks, the late Bible teacher Keith Dorricott surveys the eternal purposes of God in Christ across 7 ‘ages’ or ‘dispensations’ – beginning with the Age of Conscience, the Age of Human Responsibility, the Age of Promise, the Age of the Law, the current Age of Grace, and culminating in the future Age of Glory.

Uncovering the Pattern Series

There are hundreds of Christian denominations today, all teaching and practicing different things – is this really God’s plan? This series of videos explains how God reveals to us in the Bible how He wants all Christians to serve Him: Part 1 explores how God’s purposes are ultimately collective and not just with individuals; Part 2 reviews how God works through covenants – firstly the Old and then the New; Part 3 looks at the important differences between the Church the Body and the Churches of God in scripture; Part 4 brings it back to the personal level and our personal accountability to act on what God has shown us from His Word.

Where is God’s House Today?

The vitally important topic of God’s house runs throughout our Bibles and yet is rarely spoken about or well understood by many believers today. We trust as you follow this series of video talks, you’ll come to appreciate its importance and respond to the challenge it makes on your life of service for God.

North West England Teach-in

Soul Search

Issues of Identity

Kingston Convention

Five Solas

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