What’s the Good in Godliness?

Studies in First and Second Timothy

Only in Paul’s letters to Timothy do we find the expression ‘Man [or Woman] of God’ in the New Testament – such a person would be characterized by godliness; but what is it and how do we become godly? Brian answers these vital questions across 11 engaging chapters:

  1. The Law and Godliness – why the Old Testament law could never make a person godly.
  2. A Life of Godliness – how both men and women can lead lives that are godly.
  3. The Evidence of Godliness – what is the proof that we’re godly people?
  4. The Mystery of Godliness – how Jesus is our ultimate example of godliness.
  5. The Discipline of Godliness – what it’s going to take for us to become godly.
  6. The Doctrine of Godliness – the connection between godliness and the truth of God’s word.
  7. The Gain of Godliness – the reward in store for those that are godly.
  8. The Pursuit of Godliness – fleeing, following and fighting in order to be godly.
  9. The Language of Godliness – making sure what we say is godly.
  10. The Power of Godliness – avoiding having a form of godliness but denying its power.
  11. The Desire and Trials of Godliness – overcoming the obstacles that inevitably come with godliness.

Also included are a series of Supplementary Study Questions on 1 & 2 Timothy under the heading “Dealing with the Local Church” (eBook, PDF)